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Boelube® Pastes

BOELUBE® Pastes provide excellent lubricity and are extremely cost effective in single point work such as Tapping, Drilling and Reaming.

A small amount of Paste applied to the tool is all that is required to obtain a high quality finish and extended tool life with little or no clean-up required.

Brush it on or dip tool in paste.

BOELUBE® pastes are also ideal for Forming and Bending as well as in Drop Hammer, Verson Press and Spin Forming applications.

BOELUBE® Pastes provide closer tolerance parts and extended diaphragm and die life.

Currently available in:

* 70307 - Medium (Blue)
* 70305 - Hard (Pink)

For the majority of Paste applications BOELUBE® 70307 (Medium) is primarily recommended.

Click to view MSDS for 70307
Click to view MSDS for 70305